2 Basic Tips for Men’s Fitness

Fitness is preached in today’s society to every age bracket. But who needs fitness? I sure didn’t so.

That’s what I told myself until I fell at work and hurt my back. That’s when I couldn’t ignore my highly prized and very expensive beer belly. That belly was making my back a living hell. All that extra weight was putting more strain on my back and knees than I could ever imagine.

Even without my fall, as I go through all the physiotherapy and doctors, I’ve learned as I get older I would have had the same problems eventually because of the extra weight. Fall or no fall, my prized belly would have caught up to me one way or another.

Here are some tips for basic men’s fitness.

1. Fitness is for every age and the younger you start the more rewards for the future – and that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause if you’re fifty or better. I’m 53 and have the energy of a 40 yr old which is a huge improvement from not being able to get out of bed without a fork lift. My back was not being kind to me at all and certain days still reminds me it’s there.

This brings us to my first tip FLEXIBILITY Your muscles have been dormant and if you jump into lifting weights or jogging, for example, you’ll cramp up like a woman’s monthly (sorry ladies) but it’s true. I have personally bought enough muscle pain relief creams to own shares in several companies.

2. Get into the habit of STRETCHING before you exercise (warm up) and even after (cool down).

If you are just starting to get into lifting weights here’s a couple of tips for you. Start small and keep it simple. Pick a weight that you can comfortably lift 8-12 times for 3 sets. Also remember to give each muscle group a day off between work outs. Let your muscles recover and build.https://sparkfitpro.com/

Remember, too, that if you’re losing weight your muscles are the first to go. They’re easier for your body to burn than your fat. Make sure you’re taking vitamins and protein supplements (whey).

Cardio is a great way to become fit. If you decide to be a jogger remember to stay off the tarmac and concrete because it will protect damaging your knees. My choice was a bike. I can sit my lazy butt in front of the TV and pedal away. Plus in the summer it’s nice to go for a ride.Walking is a great option to jogging for us unable to run.

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